Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's A Very Cherry World!: VALENTINE SPOOLIE SWAP!

It's A Very Cherry World!: VALENTINE SPOOLIE SWAP!

~ Its Been A Long Time ~

Dear Friends, 
Its been a long time sense I have last posted due to " bumps in the road of life" .  However, I missed swapping little lovelies of all kinds a great deal and looking forward to getting back into the swing.  I found an adorable swap this morning for Valentine Spoolies, and I am hoping they will let me join in the fun ! :)  and will post the exciting adventure of this swap.  Until then, keep crafting and my the joys of crafting keep your heart filled with happiness.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Valentines Day, always a favorite of mine, conjures up the most pleasant memories of making decorative shoe boxes. Once complete, these overly decorated masterpieces were the vehicle in which we stored Valentines greeting from class mates… be still my heart. With anticipation and excitement each of us would plaster our works of art with hearts, flowers, paper doilies and an enough Elmer’s glue to hold together a battle ship! However, once dry the thick opaque chunckage would crackle, chip and as it flaked off, so to would a decorative treasure or two, only to be quickly tucked inside the box for safe keeping.
With such fond memories in mind, I was thrilled to see the posting for an Old fashioned Valentines Box swap. Noooo I didn’t use a shoe box (although it would have been great fun) Ironically both my swap partner and I chose the same exact wooden box with out knowing. I adorned mine with strings of vintage pearls, red sawarfski crystals and glitter, along with a dove carrying a love letter and lined it with a glittered cotton. My swap partner chose a lovely Victorian theme complete with hearts, flowers, and even a golden key. Inside we each tucked goodies such as chocolates, home made lavender lemon brittle, petal soap and hand made valentines day ornaments.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Coal Please...

Stuffed Christmas Stocking Swap:
Being the most hectic time of the year, I needed to choose swaps carefully for the months of November and December. This was the “Stuffed Christmas Stocking” swap, and I am thrilled to say, I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect swap or partner, it was a blast! My partner had the best eye for detail and put much thought and consideration into the choices she made, it was uncanny. I can only hope she enjoyed her stocking as much as I enjoyed mine.
The stocking I sewed was constructed out of recycled, blue stretch velvet, pants legs (no! they were not my pants) Inside I tucked vintage Christmas balls, a paper house, a water color farm girl key chain, Hammond ribbon candy, a bar of farm girl soap, and other little items.
The stocking I received was filled with the most perfect choices all carefully wrapped in gingham tissue, a pure delight to open. From the set of vintage mini Christmas balls to the BEST fudge I have ever tasted, my swap partners thoughtfulness and consideration for who she was swapping with shined through. Also included was hot cocoa mix, peppermint sticks, a hand crafted Santa ornament and vintage pot holders with a sliver spoon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Button Reindeer Swap

Such a cute swap, the objective was to create a Christmas reindeer ornament out of buttons. It was fun to see how the equally cute reindeer where similar yet different. My creation stands at attention, readying to show off his glittery sparkles, as he posses for the photo. However, the one received appears to leads a carefree lifestyle, looking for something to graze on with his head down.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Felted Needle Keep

I absolutely loved this swap, each of us made a felted needle keep to swap with another.

I made mine in red and white with hand stitching and embroidery. The front round is the needle keep which is attached to a snappable red pocket to keep thread, tape measure and scissors.

The Needle Keep I received as you can see here, is ever so adorable. Hand embroidery, with a little bird ribbon. Inside is a spot to keep needle tucked safely away, and an adorable little pair of scissors for snipping thread.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lifes Not Perfect Nor am I

The Darn it Dolly....
A really fun swap that allowed the creators imagination to run wild. All different, yet amazingly similar, each doll appeared to be from the same deranged family of genetically freakish rejects. One eye bigger then the other, hair styles of miss guided proportion and faces that only a mother could love. And I must say, I love my Darn it Dolly !
I made the one on the left and received the one on the right.
The following is the poem I wrote and attached to his hand
Life's not perfect
nor am I....
You’ll feel better if you try
Go ahead, don’t be shy,
Stick a needle in my eye....
If that don’t help, kick me high,
Kick me twice and make me fly!
So here I sit, if you want
Give me just one more stomp....
Now that’s done,
Your feeling good,
just the way you always should....