Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Valentines Day, always a favorite of mine, conjures up the most pleasant memories of making decorative shoe boxes. Once complete, these overly decorated masterpieces were the vehicle in which we stored Valentines greeting from class mates… be still my heart. With anticipation and excitement each of us would plaster our works of art with hearts, flowers, paper doilies and an enough Elmer’s glue to hold together a battle ship! However, once dry the thick opaque chunckage would crackle, chip and as it flaked off, so to would a decorative treasure or two, only to be quickly tucked inside the box for safe keeping.
With such fond memories in mind, I was thrilled to see the posting for an Old fashioned Valentines Box swap. Noooo I didn’t use a shoe box (although it would have been great fun) Ironically both my swap partner and I chose the same exact wooden box with out knowing. I adorned mine with strings of vintage pearls, red sawarfski crystals and glitter, along with a dove carrying a love letter and lined it with a glittered cotton. My swap partner chose a lovely Victorian theme complete with hearts, flowers, and even a golden key. Inside we each tucked goodies such as chocolates, home made lavender lemon brittle, petal soap and hand made valentines day ornaments.

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