Sunday, June 6, 2010

Felted Needle Keep

I absolutely loved this swap, each of us made a felted needle keep to swap with another.

I made mine in red and white with hand stitching and embroidery. The front round is the needle keep which is attached to a snappable red pocket to keep thread, tape measure and scissors.

The Needle Keep I received as you can see here, is ever so adorable. Hand embroidery, with a little bird ribbon. Inside is a spot to keep needle tucked safely away, and an adorable little pair of scissors for snipping thread.


  1. Stopped by from the where bloggers create party? have a great week.

  2. Love your red needle keep - beautiful design!

  3. do you have any patterns to share? these are so cute!!

  4. I dont have a pattern, I made mine up as I went along, but I am not sure if the other girls on MJ Farm used a pattern. If you leave your email add, I can explain to you how I did it. I tried to find an email add on your blog page but couldnt find one. I hope that helps, would love to see a pic if you should make one! Robin