Friday, June 4, 2010

Lifes Not Perfect Nor am I

The Darn it Dolly....
A really fun swap that allowed the creators imagination to run wild. All different, yet amazingly similar, each doll appeared to be from the same deranged family of genetically freakish rejects. One eye bigger then the other, hair styles of miss guided proportion and faces that only a mother could love. And I must say, I love my Darn it Dolly !
I made the one on the left and received the one on the right.
The following is the poem I wrote and attached to his hand
Life's not perfect
nor am I....
You’ll feel better if you try
Go ahead, don’t be shy,
Stick a needle in my eye....
If that don’t help, kick me high,
Kick me twice and make me fly!
So here I sit, if you want
Give me just one more stomp....
Now that’s done,
Your feeling good,
just the way you always should....

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