Friday, May 14, 2010

Rescue Farm Girl Dolly

In this swap we had to recycle, revamp and reuse everything to create a Farm Girl doll. This was a lot of fun! First you had to rescue a doll headed for the dump and depending on her condition, you needed to restore everything from her hair to the tips of her toes. I haven't received my dolly yet, but this is the one I sent out. She just about came to life when I put the little basket of just picked flowers in her hand.

The farm doll that I received (pictured bellow) was dressed in the most adorable hand made clothing including jeans, apron and farm girl hat!.

Cherries make my heart sing

Every get something and it makes you just giddy.. Doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be expensive, but it just makes you so giddy that you swear your heart begins to sing and your feet follow along in step. Well, this cherry apron that my Secret Santa sent me was one of those items. Thank you Secret Santa for making me heart sing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sleep On It

"Sleep On It" ~ A Handmade Pillow Case Swap ~

Though this swap is still going on, I couldn't wait to share the pillow cases that I received. Done in the color choices that would go with my bedding (red and white) My swap partner crafted the most stunning cases adding purple for contrast. In addition, she included a lovely hand embroidered sachet, and a matching red crocheted doily,all enclosed in a hand made lace tote with a red satin ribbon.

I love vintage laces and embellishments, so I was thrilled when my swap partner said her decor was Victorian shabby chic, in white, purple and lavender. Considering I have a fear of crossing over from elegant to tacky I only embellished the edges of the two pillow cases and included a small heart throw pillow with a beaded pearl handle so that she could hang it if she chose.

With A Cherry On Top

May coincidentally has been a month of cup cake art and how sweet its been! The cup cake pin cushion swap was such a fun idea. The cupcake pin cushion I created had to have a cherry on top, while my swap partner encased her little pink cup cake treasure in an upside down food container to create a cupcake carrier, how adorable!

Its also Month two of mail art. I never did receive one for the month of April, but am looking foward to receving one in May.