Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank You Easter Bunnie!

The Easter swap was one of the most entertaining so far. It has been so interesting to hear and see what each of the ladies sent each other. Items have ranged from Swiss army knives to jelly beans and stuffed animals. My original partner was late to the party so another woman and I agreed to swap. Since that time partner #1 has notified me that she would still like to swap, but not till a later date. So what we have here are the items from my first "Spring" swap. The rules of this was to fill an egg carton (decorated or not) with items that would fit. Now, it was funny some girls cut the tops off, others did not. Some girls put small items, others put large. If you ever can join a swap like this, I would suggest you grab the chance. On the left, is the carton I sent out. After cutting off the top I covered the carton in hand made grass paper which I applied with modge podge. I then filled it with the following items: Two Cadbury eggs, a birds nest with buttons in it, a mini rabbit which hangs on the side of a flower pot, lip stick, mini perfumes, face cream, a geranium candle, cuticle cream with gold leaf in it, stickers, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, an angel pin that reads Farm girls are like little angles that bring a smileto our face and a pair of pink socks. (Its AMAZING what one can stuff in an egg carton) I then wrapped it snugly in an Easter towel and tied it with a green satin ribbon.
The carton on the right is the one I received, and I LOVED it. Included were multi colored eggs filled with little items, jelly beans, a birdie stamp, lady bug buttons, a mini flash light, Swiss army knife, a little razor cutter, a mini pin cushion that your can wear on your finger, Burt bees hand salve - lip balm and rescue ointment, a teeny tiny garden set and a fabulouse bird cage necklace with a little bird inside that swings back and fourth. Now how cool is that !?

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