Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sleep On It

"Sleep On It" ~ A Handmade Pillow Case Swap ~

Though this swap is still going on, I couldn't wait to share the pillow cases that I received. Done in the color choices that would go with my bedding (red and white) My swap partner crafted the most stunning cases adding purple for contrast. In addition, she included a lovely hand embroidered sachet, and a matching red crocheted doily,all enclosed in a hand made lace tote with a red satin ribbon.

I love vintage laces and embellishments, so I was thrilled when my swap partner said her decor was Victorian shabby chic, in white, purple and lavender. Considering I have a fear of crossing over from elegant to tacky I only embellished the edges of the two pillow cases and included a small heart throw pillow with a beaded pearl handle so that she could hang it if she chose.

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